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Broumovské stěnyFelsen Broumovské stěnySkały Broumowskie (Broumovské stěny)

Rocks Broumovské stěny

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Wide and broken rocky massive and National nature preserve. The highest peaks are Božanovský Špičák (773m) and Koruna (789m), which offer the overview to surroundings. Interesting are the rock formations called "Skalní hřiby" (Rocky muschrooms) originated by unequal erosion of sandstone. Important is also the view point by the chapel Na Hvězdě, built by the K.I.Dienzenhofer in the year 1733. The chapel is sacred to the Virgin. The name Na Hvězdě (On Star) is derived from its platform. The Rocks Broumovské stěny are the complex of smaller rocky formations, situated in many glens. The most famous glens are Kovářova, Hruškova, Pánkova and Zaječí.

Chapel Na Hvězdě
Chapel in winter
Sight from the ambit of chapel

Rock formation U Turka
Sight from Broumovské stěny

High Tatras High Tatras High Tatras